Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hey guys, I created this blog so we can keep all our input here and it will be easier for us to browse through the memory  history as compared to our fb page.... I find it hard to keep tab of all the useful information, especially the ones with the resources...

Well, this is for us to post all the useful websites.. I think it's better to write something closely related to what you are posting in the title so everyone can access it in the future easily... For example, "lesson plan for Year 1 'Let's Eat'".

Perhaps it's wise to have 1 blog entry for each of the different resources or websites so that it will be easier for us to look for stuff later... or we can also add the similar stuff under the same blog entry.. eg. "useful games to teach about food".. then all the games we have to teach bout food can be included in that one entry..

Just a suggestion =)

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