Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Print your posters according to the size you want!

Finding it hard to have a decent size picture for a large classroom? Lazy to make your own posters or you prefer to just print it out but do not have the means and money to print coloured for A3 size or larger??
Worry no more! This link below allows you to modify the size of the picture you want to print and will help you to break them up into A4 sizes so it's very printable and usable! Enjoy!! Credits to Sue!


Well, this is an amazing resources but quite a WILD picture for such an amazing resource aye... Sorry about that... I got this photo from the website itself. Ignore the image and just pay attention to the message it is presenting>> the original picture and how it is divided into A4 sizes papers if you want to reproduce it into a large poster.

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