Thursday, 16 August 2012

On Classroom Management =)

The title pretty much explain it all =)

Expanding creativity on reward ideas to Cikgu Al for sharing this link!

Personal Behaviour Record Chart

Credits to Soleh Ismail for sharing this! =)

Behaviour Management Scheme
Quoted from Soleh Ismail << credits to
"I call these 'Behaviour Management Scheme' (-.-)!. I set up 'Our Classroom Rules' and 'Well-behaved Chart' since the beginning of our meetings and mark them according to their respective rows (both the OCR and WB chart are pasted int he classroom). First (each lesson), I give htem 5 marks (jotted down on WB Chart). Those marks will be deducted if they go against one of the rules (OCR). By the end of every month, total all the marks and reward them. (^__^)
Let's try. It's fun to see pupils' reaction when your hand is about to erase their marks XD
I hope it helps, iA"

p/s: It works very well in the advance classroom. For another classroom, it works most of the time, but more fun things should be thought of so that they are always on-task (=.=)!

E.g. of WB chart:

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