Thursday, 23 August 2012

"Much Ado About Nothing" - Pop Up Book by Agnes Lee

Hi guys, this is a very special post with consent from the owner of the pictures - AGNES LEE. She's our junior in IPG Batu Lintang. A very talented artist I should say.. =D

This is a feature on her creative work which we can all use as example for making our own pop-up book. It's a very detailed and great idea! Of course, I'm not asking you to make one of this and use it as your teaching aid for a day or a lesson only (unless you don't mind all the hard work put into it of course!!) =D Well, you can use this as a project that you can do with your pupils for a longer period of time or in a course of a week (or more XD). Each group of pupils may do a page of the pop up book and then compiled it into a book later on! It's an idea and no doubt it's a great one!!!

Now then, let's have a look at her amazing pop up book! [I think this was created for an assignment =))))]

(Captions by me..)

Cover page


making the characters

building the background..

one page done!!

this is how it should be pasted..

this is what the back looks like 

decorations in process =)

overview of the whole picture book and the creator's name =D

Pictures of subsequent pages:

pull me! 
now you don't see me

now you do!

lift this up!

and this is what you get!

and this is how it looks like when it's finished! =D


Great job Agnes!!!!! Thanks for giving me the permission to share this with everyone =)

Although it is undeniable that making a picture book requires an awfully lot work and patience, the fact that she did it shows us that it's do-able! Don't fret! Try it if you think you can do this! It need not to be as amazing as this but the idea is do-able!

Here are some useful links to help you get started =))) Enjoy!!
Credits to Howcast - expert: Jessica Tice-Gilbert
Credits to Howcast - expert: Jessica Tice-Gilbert
Credits to Matthew Reinhart!
Credits to Desmond Williams!
Credits to ThinkQuest!
Credits to the original owner and jojogirl34 for reposting =)

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