Thursday, 16 August 2012

Great links to free teaching aids! =D

These are some of the links to webpages with awesome teaching aids... I've decided to just update all the possible links and websites on teaching aids under this one post. It's to make it easier for us to look for them in the future too.. Will consider to start another post if this gets too long! =)

p.s. Some of these links may be a repetition from other posts.. =)

SparklerBox UK

Free ESL Flashcards!
Credits to Ukhti Nuhan Muhd Ballia

Free culture and traditions characters and images
Credits to ChiangHuey Sim

British Council - song and worksheets on 'People Work' (occupation)
Credits to Fad Mn for sharing this link!

British Council - resources for teaching CELEBRATIONS
Credits to Fad Mn for sharing this link!

English Raven - ESL/EFL resources
Credits to Jessica Ch'ng for sharing this link~

Folktales and fables

for students - Between the Lions (Short video clip)
Credits to Farhana Fnar Nadira

for teachers - Between the Lions (teaching aids and possible ideas for lessons)
Credits to Farhana Fnar Nadira

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