Thursday, 16 August 2012

First feature from Swan Jacqueline!! (on teaching aids and interesting activities)

This will be a very colourful but long post! Thanks to Swan Jacqueline for giving us her permission to share this with everyone.. The following are some of the activities and teaching aids that she has prepared and used in her classroom. Mind you, they are all not in sequence! Just scroll and look at them regardless! =D

These are very useful and interesting ideas so adopt and adapt them to suit your pupils' needs! 

There are captions under all the pictures - captions taken straight from her (Swan Jacqueline) fb page =)

Stick puppets for the story of Gingerbread man:)

Noise-O- Meter

Pirates' hats!!! ARRRRR!! The big hat belongs to the childish teacher :P

Lesson planning and teaching aids preparation in progress... Messages in the bottles

Say hi to our new monster friend: Slime ^^

31/7 Lesson of the day - reading activity, shadow puppet for the story of " The Rumpelstiltskin"

Students created a mini football match in the classroom

new game in the house: football match in the classroom

Theme of the week: Monsters (Meet Orange, one of the monsters)

Reading in groups. Group leaders became the Captains of the pirate ships. :)) Baca! Jangan tak baca! :P

WEEK 1: Theme of the week: Gingerbread Men ( Reward kits)

Model of the pirate ship:) weeee

Week 4: Theme of the week>> Ahoy Pirate! (Behavioural and reward chart)

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